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Family Retreat Oasis -
Wellbeing retreats for Mother's and children

Welcome to Family Retreat Oasis

Restorative wellness retreats
for You - beautiful Mother and your little one xx

At Family Retreat Oasis, we believe the ultimate luxury is connection.
In today's modern world, one can easily feel overwhelmed and isolated.
Our wellbeing retreat is an opportunity for families to pause, breathe and tap into the incredible potential
that lies within.

The retreat and the experience have been designed to allow our guests to reconnect with nature,
with their loved ones and most importantly, with themselves.

We call it a  Sanctuary for living Artfully

Family Retreat Oasis - Yoga retreat for mum and child. Family Yoga Retreat Holiday

Hosted in ethereal nature with comfort in mind, you will receive a unique restorative and holistic retreat experience for your mind, body and spirit.

Our child-friendly events, include activities for mother and child, allowing the familial unit to reconnect away from daily, busy life as well as professional childcare, who will run activities for the children whilst our mothers are delving into their personal oasis.

We welcome children of all ages and you will have an opportunity to enjoy some 
afternoon activities and workshops together: like Mother and child yoga, Art therapy, Forest bathing and 
exploring near by beaches and towns.

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We offer a wide range of wellness activities - daily yoga, meditation,
women's circles,
Tibetan singing bowl healing,
self development activities and
treatments like massages,
Reiki and facials

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At Family Oasis,
believe that circle is medicine for our time. We use circle to create deeper connection on retreats.

Message from Evija​...

Why I created Family Retreat Oasis? 

💫 I wanted to create an environment and safe space for women, that would truly nourish mind, body and spirit, and take women on a journey that would inspire and relax in equal measures


💫 I wanted to create a week holiday away from home without judgment, where mothers could be free to be themselves, where they and their children be very well looked after and pampered


💫 I wanted to create an all-encompassing experience combining yoga, meditation, amazing treatments and workshops, beautiful nature wonders, loving childcare and the finest nutrition nature had to offer


💫 In short, I wanted to create a retreat that could positively change the way someone feels, both mentally and physically, in just seven days


🤍 This vision has become a reality, that has expanded to include more Family Oasis retreats. All have exceeded my expectations. Our hand-picked, dedicated team have a passionate desire to create a magical experience for each and every guest. Collectively our aim is to create as much magic as we can


💫 The Family Oasis retreat experience is definitely one you’ll never forget, and I hope to see you there one day soon🤍

In devotion and with love, Evija

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