Family Yoga Retreat

Get to know us and what inspires our oasis

Special moments
      to treasure

This year we are thrilled to have launched Family Oasis Retreats near Valencia in Spain.

 These retreats allow us to open our doors to women who are truly deserving of a wellbeing retreat in a beautiful location.

The retreat is dedicated to honouring the sacred bond between mother and child.

Luxury villa accommodations, daily yoga and meditation, massage, facials and reiki treatments, delicious healthy cuisine are all part of the retreat package. 

Lovely nannies are on hand to care for the children for 6 hours every day of each retreat – so they get super exciting activities planned for them.

Our villas

Our Villas act as the hub of your personal oasis during your stay with us.
With the varied choice of pools, relaxation areas and outdoor spaces, we provide a multitude of spaces for our guests to find peace.
Our villas boast air conditioning in every room as well as far reaching views over the orange groves and picturesque mountains.
Oasis villas have a heated freshwater swimming pool for children as well as a deeper swimming pool for adults.


At Family Oasis, we believe that yoga is a key pathway on your journey to reconnect to your inner powers to support your personal and familial health and happiness.
Learn to pause and tap into yourself during our daily morning power yoga classes and our evening yin yoga classes. Yoga is not only a transformative practise for our adult guests, but we will also host two to three children's yoga classes per week with a specialist children's yoga teacher (dependant on age of child) and a couple of mama&child yoga classes.


Hosted in ethereal nature with comfort in mind, you will receive a unique restorative retreat experience for your mind, body and spirit.
Our wellness activities strive to provide our guests with just that. Our specially trained team will provide guests with massages, Reiki treatments, Tibetan singing bowl healing, wet Russian sauna procedures and others, dependent on the retreat programming and location. Our wellness treatments will truly allow you to fully immerse yourself within our Family Oasis. 


A stay at Family Retreat Oasis is not only a yoga retreat for mothers with childcare, but a fully immersive experience for both mother and child. From the morning to early afternoon, the Family Oasis childcare team will organise fun yet restorative activities for your children.
This will include from 2-3 children's yoga classes, fun games, nature painting, arts and crafts, nature walks, flower arranging and cooking classes, depending on the programme and age of your child.
Through our activities, we encourage children to make new friends and have a time off 


Our Family Retreat Oasis head chef, Ineta with her team provides our guests with exquisite, organic and fresh cuisine daily.
All our meals are inspired by nature with fresh and locally sourced ingredients.
The majority of food provided during our week will be vegetarian and pescatarian, but please make sure to specify any food requirements.
Our chef will also prepare all meals for our younger guests, with organic pureed food available upon request. With freshly prepared, delicious meals, our chefs will embark you upon a journey of the taste buds.