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About FRO Just Giving Angels Initiative

We created Family Oasis Just Giving Angels for Women and children who are unexpectedly facing difficult times, providing them a supportive and safe environment and gain strength for the future.

Message from Maria- our guest by invitation

Message from Evija xx

Spread your wings and become Just Giving Angel for those in need

"Family Oasis Angels" - we are supporting women and children who are facing difficult times by loosing their loved ones, experienced some kind of abuse or family trauma to fleeing war zones .

With your help we hope to offer them a week long wellness break away from home where they will be supported to make happy memories together. This time away can make a lifetime of difference.



Our family holidays are made to build a hope for the future and give a space and time away from the reality that make life tough at this moment. We have found that mental benefits of a holiday can last a long time after returning back home. We build a community in our retreats, where women and children found new friends from all over the world and they support each other after returning back to their lives. We at Family Oasis give these families something to look forward.

Marta and Family
Family retreat Oasis Just giving Angels

Mother Irina with her two young children who came from Ukraine when the war started and are now settled in the UK.

They were luckily hosted by some wonderful families in London. Irina is working full time now to support herself and the children.


This new life is challenging of course but the family have of psychological scars from their experiences which is to be expected. We feel Irina and her young children would find this retreat a much deserved escape after what can only be described as a year from hell.

Mother Marta with her two school age children who recently lost their father after a tragic mental battle.

Marta has become the only provider for the family.

She works to support and educate her children and they all are receiving a counselling .


We believe that this family would really benefit from a week away at our upcoming retreat next Easter in Spain, where they will be very well looked after and supported.

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