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Oasis Soul Restorative
Women's retreats

Join us on this incredible journey that has the power to transform your life. Prepare to be amazed as you challenge your existing beliefs and discover a fresh perspective on life. Throughout this experience, you will develop a deeper connection with your intuition and embrace a new way of living.

Take control of your thoughts and emotions, and learn to fully love and accept yourself just as you are.


Become the woman who listens to her heart and feels an immense sense of freedom, confidence, and strength.

Our "Restorative Self-Glory Retreat" awaits you, with our dedicated team ready to guide and support you

every step of the way.

Oasis self-glory Women's retreat

Our retreat is designed with a specific focus on providing an environment conducive to deep connection, self-reflection, and personal transformation.
It is a space where we will share invaluable tools that can support you on your healing journey.
By gathering individuals who share a similar mindset, we will collectively work towards reconditioning our
trauma and harmful patterns, allowing our authentic truths to emerge.

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Oasis Sanctuary for Women

Locations -  Spain and Lithuania 2024

Welcome to the journey of Self-glory discovery

Begin the spring feeling renewed physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and partake in this with other like-hearted women.

We at Family Oasis have had considerable interest in retreats dedicated to Women of all ages to attend without children or partners. With that in mind, we welcome you to our Self-glory discovery retreat to enjoy a holistic retreat experience.

We invite you to come solo or bring your friend, sister, mother or female partner.


Family Retreat Oasis

Creating an empowering sense of connection and gentle transformation.
We understand the true value of slowing down

Our retreats bring together an inspiring group of women in beautiful locations for a 6 days of restorative yoga, meditation, nourishing food, empowering treatments and workshops.  At Oasis retreats you feel like every detail is catered just for you.

Beach yoga Family Oasis
Relaxing Facial
Family Retreat Oasis


France Ski/Massage retreat
Easter'24 retreat Sitges
Oasis Women retreat
Lithuania Oasis retreat'24

Through the healing journey of self-discovery, we hold the power to heal not only ourselves but also the world around us. In this retreat, we will come together to share our stories, release any conditioned and unhealthy patterns, honour our intuition and nurture ourselves with self-love and pampering.

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