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My story

I am Evija- a mother of two and a stepmum of one, as well as the founder and the space holder of Family Retreat Oasis.

I am originally Latvian and have lived in London for many years with my family.

"Busy" is the most apt word that best describes my life. As a mother living in this bustling city, I found it almost impossible to give myself a break, to allow myself a few days of respite and reconnection through yoga or a massage, with no need to cook or tidy.

This is why, as part of my journey, I founded Family Retreat Oasis.

I spent many years working within the corporate world, specifically in the hospitality and events industry, and left it feeling burnt out and lost. These darker times guided me to a new beginning, where I finally realised my life's calling; to create a sacred and safe space where women come together and receive loving care and pampering.

Hence, Family Retreat Oasis was born.

Our retreats are very unique and personal, designed with intention to support amazing women from all backgrounds.

This work, in comparison to my previous roles, gives women meaningful opportunities; a passion of mine, dear to my heart.

Our retreats open doors for women who are truly deserving of a wellness retreat, in beautiful surroundings, without having to leave their children at home. Dedicated to honouring the sacred bond between mother and child,

Family Retreat Oasis sets out to give our Mamas some much needed care and pampering!

In our future Blog articles we will be sharing topics that help us live better and that we think could be useful for others.

lots of love, Evija xxx

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