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As well as being deeply rewarding, motherhood is incredibly challenging - Family Oasis gives mothers the time, energy and resources to rekindle their power as parents.

Once you become a mother, your idea of the perfect holiday might not look like what it did pre-childbirth.

Are you thinking into travel the world to a tranquil locations where you can feast on the fruits of the earth and yoga, meditate and massage away your days?

Retreats for mothers are tailored, self-care holidays for mums - with your child in tow.

It’s a retreat – often a yoga retreat – where women and their children are welcomed. There are sometimes weeks when dads and other relatives can join the family too.

For many mothers today, even finding time for a weekly yoga class can feel mighty challenging, while making time for a massage or spa treatment feels like the most luxurious and indulgent activity imaginable.

This year we are thrilled to have launched Family Retreat Oasis.

These retreats allow us to open our doors to women who are truly deserving of a wellbeing retreat in a beautiful locations with childcare.

The retreat is dedicated to honouring the sacred bond between mother and child.

Luxury accommodations, daily morning and evening yoga and meditation, massage, facials and reiki treatments, workshops, delicious healthy cuisine are all part of the retreat package.

Lovely nannies are on hand to care for the children every day of retreat – so they get a super exciting activities planned for them.

The number of people practising yoga has increased by 50% in last four years, but have you considered visiting a yoga retreat with young children?

A yoga retreat is suitable for all ages. For mothers, the chance to meditate, deepen your yoga practice, increasing your flexibility can be incredibly useful. For kids, however, it is a chance to be active and to try something new.

It's not about the quantity of time you spend together with your children, it's the quality time that matters most.

With so many daily obligations, distractions and disruptions we know that's easier said than done.

That's why Family Retreat Oasis created retreats for mothers and children, giving you the opportunity to deeply connect with your child, other women and most importantly with yourself.

A kind retreat where you know that both you and your child are completely cared for, catered for and nurtured, every moment, of every day. We look after you, so that you can spend quality, memorable time together.

Never underestimate the benefits that just one week can make....

I wish for mamas to leave the retreat with the following: new tools to help them in maintaining self-care and more balance in their busy lives; and a tribe of great women who will continue to support each other on their journeys, even from different parts of the world. I feel very blessed to be holding space for such a restorative events like this.

You may never have considered a spiritual yoga retreat holiday for the family, but it could be life changing.

With warm regards, Evija

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